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Supporting Young People

UJIA invests in young people and education in the UK and Israel. UJIA is working on both formal and informal education, ensuring that thousands of young people have access to inspiring, innovative and informative educational experiences from nursery through to their teenage years.

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It ran from 8:09 PM, 26 March 2012 to 8:09 PM, 26 March 2012

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The young people of the Galil are suffering due to the poor educational and social infrastructure that is resulting in negative migration patterns. As more people move out, investment in schools, early childhood centres and educational enrichment programmes decreases. A cycle of poverty is created as more people move out of the area resulting in fewer businesses, job opportunities and thus less investment in education to support the children living in the region.


UJIA is working to make the region a more appealing place for people to live and raise families by funding educational facilities to benefit local children. We are doing this by investing in local schools, after school programmes, teacher training and sp