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BUILDING THE FUTURE: Leadership training for young Iraqi professionals

Your chance to contribute to a positive future for Iraq. BAX provides cross-cultural training and experience promoting personal and community development. To support Iraqis in the reconstruction of their society, BAX is offering a training programme for young Iraqis of all backgrounds who want to take leadership in their professions and communities.

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BAX programmes aim to develop the interpersonal skills and attitudes that can contribute to reconciliation and reconstruction. A pilot scheme in September 2008 toook a group of young doctors, teachers, and others to London, Oxford and Northern Ireland, in association with an Iraqi charity, the Kubba Foundation. The two week visit included meetings with civic, community and national leaders, training in leadership and communication skills, and many opportunities to for the delegates to speak about Iraq at receptions and on TV. The feedback from the visit was extremely positive, and it has been decided to continue the programme. BAX is now preparing for a further visit of young Iraqis to London and Northern Ireland in March 2010. To cover the costs of this visit BAX must urgently raise a budget of £35,000. This will pay for the costs of travel, accommodation and administration. All the hosting is done by volunteers. Donations of any size are hugely welcome. Many BAX supporters are individuals with a passion to see constructive change in the Middle East. We are also seeking corporate support from companies wanting to invest in the future of Iraq.