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Take A Seat

Take a Seat is a unique opportunity to give one of Britain’s most talented young musicians the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of the NYO and take their creativity to exciting new levels. From 160 members, this schemes allows you to follow the progress of one of the country's most talented young musicians of the future.

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It ran from 9:42 AM, 22 May 2011 to 9:42 AM, 22 May 2011

Registered Charity in England and Wales (290598)

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The NYO needs to raise in excess of £1.1 million each year with no direct Government funding. Take A Seat is a fantastically unique way for you to become involved. By supporting a young musician, you will follow their fascinating journey to the national stage and receive regular news on their progress alongside opportunities to see the Orchestra in training. You will have the option to endorse a specific aspect of the Orchestra, such as a particular instrument or a player from a locality with which you have a connection. Take a Seat boasts a list of distinctive personal benefits: Follow the musical and creative development of an individual musician; See your name acknowledged at concerts, in programmes and on our website ; Receive communication about, and from, your musician; Visit the Orchestra on courses and during rehearsals; Receive the NYO newsletter including up-to-date information and insights; Invitations to special events and receptions throughout the year ; Receive a special edition Presentation Pack, including concert reviews, CDs and a report from NYO Director Sarah Alexander. Packages range from just £1.5 - £5k Without your generous support, these extremely gifted young musicians just won't get the opportunities and experiences they truely derserve. Please call Julie Hocking today for further details. (020 7613 7820)