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SSF gives children confidence & crucial life skills through the world’s largest youth drama festival. We’re creating a Shakespeare generation. Every child deserves exciting, active lessons which give them the chance to shine and achieve - & this is what SSF is creating for children across London.

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It ran from 10:34 PM, 6 December 2017 to 12:00 AM, 1 June 2018

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The British Chamber of Workforce survey says firms believe that school leavers aren’t ready for work because they lack skills such as communication and resilience, which are built through engagement with the arts. However, the arts are being stripped from the core curriculum. The introduction of the EBacc has resulted in a decline of 8% in entries for Arts GCSEs this year, and a decline of 27% since 2010. School funding cuts mean that many drama departments are shrinking or disappearing.


Our evaluation shows us that SSF’s active approach to learning is key to improving attainment, articulacy and engagement with learning. We know that participating in the arts improves employability and aspirations for the most disadvantaged young people i

  • Joe's improvement in Maths I put down to the experience of SSF. This new focused and positive attitude is now my standard from him and he responds to my teaching in the same way he responded to direction

    — Rebecca Glenny, Teacher, Warminster Preparatory School

  • SSF inspired me to appreciate the fact that something like Shakespearean language can bring people of different nationalities, ages and abilities together.

    — Georgie, SSF Student 2016

  • When you're not a person who engages or speaks a lot, if you do SSF you can change your attitude to learning and to life in general.

    — Joe, SSF Student 2016