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Kira Farm Training Centre

Kira Farm is a 22.5 acre unique vocational training centre for teenage orphaned and needy girls. Alongside a comprehensive Farming syllabus, we also train in Home Economics, Tailoring, basic Maths and English, Health & Hygiene, First-Aid and a variety of relevant life skills for rural Africa.

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It ran from 9:50 AM, 14 July 2009 to 11:46 AM, 14 July 2009

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Because 35% of Ugandan primary aged children drop out of school before the opportunity to reach higher education, these are mainly girls. Most Ugandan young people either own land or have accesses to land. Amigos believe this is a great starting point for their future existence. Amigos is building skills into these young lives at Kira Farm Training Centre so that they will become self-reliant citizens as they return to their various communities, becoming the next generation of Mothers and Fathers. £30,000 is needed in 2010 to train 35 residential students from Masindi, Lira and Kitgum districts and 8 day students from the local Kira community.