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Your donation will enable MapAction's skilled volunteers to deploy to a humanitarian emergency within hours of an alert. Working at the scene of the disaster, they will map the needs of survivors and help coordinate the delivery of aid, so lives can be saved and suffering minimised.

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It ran from 5:14 PM, 20 July 2012 to 6:28 AM, 18 March 2015

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  • If MapAction hadn’t been able to deploy with such speed, it would have seriously constrained the coordination and effectiveness of relief efforts.

    — Ben Negus, United Nations on MapAction's response to Typhoon Haiyan

  • MapAction has made the most significant contribution to the management of humanitarian emergencies in 20 years.

    — Gilbert Greenall, United Nations, Libya crisis 2011

  • Mapping support is critical to understand the situation on the ground. Without MapAction, the capacity to provide what is needed simply doesn't exist.

    — Shane Doherty, United Nations, Regional Office for Asia Pacific


When a disaster strikes, the entire landscape can be transformed. The challenge for responders is to know where to start. Aid agencies quickly need to establish “where”: - Which areas have been affected? - Where are the people in most urgent need? - How can you best reach them? Every second counts in the race to save lives, making it vitally important to share this information quickly and in formats that are easy to understand.


MapAction deploys skilled volunteers to the scene of a disaster to map the needs of survivors. In the early phase of a response, our maps help coordinate search-and-rescue efforts and emergency aid delivery. In the recovery phase, they help responders m