Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Protecting Wildlife in the North East

Northumberland Wildlife Trust exists to protect special habitats, green space and threatened species. We can only do this by maintaining a basic capacity of skilled employees and volunteers and by working in partnership. It is vital to maintain this capacity to provide this service for the region.

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The recession has dramatically reduced both the Trust's capacity and that of other organisations such as local authorities, Natural England and the Forestry Commission to undertake environmental conservation work. In addition to climate change, new threats have emerged including changes to the planning regime and increased pressure for food and energy production which will damage the landscape, perhaps irreparably, unless current levels of activity are maintained.


New funds will allow the Trust to continue protecting the environment at current levels. This includes: improving biodiversity and ecological connectivity both on our own nature reserves and other sites; inspiring communities to take action for nature; an

  • NWT is a charity very close to my heart. The work they do shows real vision and any support you can give will make a real difference.

    — Chris Packham