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Peace Direct - stopping wars one person at a time

Every minute, two people die in conflicts around the world, and families are forced from their homes. But in these conflicts there are local people ending violence, saving lives and repairing shattered communities. Person by person, let’s build a world where no-one dies because of war.

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It ran from 12:15 PM, 18 October 2015 to 8:03 AM, 15 December 2016

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Every minute two people die because of war. Every day one in five of us wake up in conflict. Families forced to flee their homes, extremist attacks, girls who are scared to go to school. We hear stories of rape and torture being used as weapons of war. This must stop. International efforts alone are not working, wars restart, conflicts continue and violence leads to further violence. Local people are not involved in resolving conflicts and they must be. But they need our support and funding.


Through supporting local people to stop conflict, one person at a time. They are helping rebuild lives, resolve conflicts, and stopping people from choosing a life of violence. We partner with these local groups to help them train peacebuilders, giving th

  • £100 from Peace from Peace Direct that I can use for what is really needed is worth £100,000 to deliver a programme that a donor has devised.

    — Min Shali, Nepalese Peacebuilder

  • I am proud to give to Peace Direct. The brave men and women who work for peace in dangerous places are deserving of our support and thanks.

    — Patricia Satow, Peace Direct supporter

  • Peace Direct is doing some great work empowering grass roots organisations and individuals to take an active role in building peace around the world.

    — Sir Richard Branson