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Saving elephant orphans in Zambia

To rescue, rehabilitate and release elephants orphaned as a direct result of poaching in the Kafue National Park. Lessons learnt in the care of the orphans will add to our understanding of the life and habitat of this iconic species and will assist conservation projects elsewhere.

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It ran from 1:39 PM, 16 July 2011 to 4:04 PM, 13 October 2011

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During the poaching wars of 70s and 80s, 90% of Zambia's elephants were slaughtered and, whilst numbers showed signs of recovery, in recent years there is evidence to suggest that illegal poaching has begun again. The slaughter leaves behind young orphans whose prospects of survival are remote, without human intervention. Illegal poaching not only destroys the adult elephant population, but threatens the next generation as well and with that the survival of the species in Zambia.


The elephant orphanage and new nursery facility provides the expert care needed to rehabilitate orphaned baby elephants before their re-release into the wild. These facilities not only save the lives of these young elephants but serve as a focal point fo

  • When I first visited Zambia in the early 60s, it was home to 250000 elephants. Today fewer than 25,000 survive

    — David Shepherd CBE