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To photograph is to draw with light a real image on a light sensitive area. The Big Idea is to make people from a local community to draw what is happening around them, without any concern for the outcome; it is to leverage connections and relations in a community, it is to create a self-portrait.

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It ran from 5:52 PM, 12 January 2011 to 9:09 PM, 12 January 2011

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  • I found the exhibition experience worthwhile, enjoyable and was given good support by the Viewfinder Gallery.

    — Photographer/Exhibitor

  • Really enjoyed the workshop. I definitely learned a lot, and am starting to interact a bit more when taking photos in the street.

    — Anonymous Workshop Participant

  • Viewfinder Photography Gallery does a sterling job of giving exposure to new photographic voices.

    — Culture 24


Viewfinder has been showcasing the work of emerging and established photographers, since 2005, in the boroughs of Lewisham, Greenwich, Southwark and Lambeth, while providing workshops that benefit the host community. The hitch is in how to bring the life portraits that VF has been delivering to these individuals? How to reach wider audiences to issues on their own back yard? While at the same time to nurture these people and make them involved in making portraits of their costumes and habits.


Through workshops and other events working on a local level, VF will aim to make major improvements to its website and other online mediums of communication, to create synergies and educational galleries reflecting on the community development and increas