PTSD Resolution

Mental Health for Forces' Veterans & Families

An amazing charity that provides therapy for the mental welfare of Forces’ Veterans, Reservists and their families suffering from trauma, with a near 8 out of 10 resolution and over 2,500 referrals to date. PTSDR has no salaried staff, offices or assets: donations are used to pay for treatment.

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  • The service from PTSD Resolution could not be improved. In fact, it needs to be out there and more widely known among the public. I feel better now than I ever remember feeling, so thank you!

    — BD, Service in Iraq & Afghanistan

  • Thank you, PTSD Resolution, for the wonderful service that you offer. Lives will be saved, families will be saved, and amazing things will happen! I have also recommended PTSD Resolution to other veterans.

    — ND, Daughter of a Veteran

  • Without doubt the most significant result was an overwhelming feeling of positivity. It was as if a blanket had been lifted off me and it was okay to live life and enjoy it, to love the ones around me and not feel guilty all the time.

    — DL: Northern Ireland, Algeria, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan Veteran

  • therapist helped me to focus on the existing skills that I already had. By concentrating on these, alongside her help and advice, I've been able to get my life back on track and I'm in a much better place, overall. I've already recommended PTSD Resolution to other veteran friends in the prison.

    — JP, Veteran in Prison.


Trauma suffered by UK Armed Forces' Veterans, Reservists and their families. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a major problem for many veterans. It can result in family breakdown and job loss, with a huge personal toll and great cost to society. There a number of suicides each year attributed to this caused.


The charity gives free therapy to Veterans and families. It is confidential, no GP referral needed. Local help through a UK network of therapists. It is fast, issues usually resolved in 5 sessions, for nearly 8 out of 10 people. First session booked often in days. Results monitored and reported. Compassionate: you don't have to talk about the events. Highly cost-effective, £550 per program, all funded from public donations.