Jubilee Debt Campaign

Safeguard Lives & Livelihoods: End The Debt Spiral

The project aims to help safeguard lives, livelihoods and access to essential public services in impoverished countries in debt crisis, especially in Africa and the Caribbean, by supporting campaigners in those countries to win just and long-lasting solutions to their countries’ debt problems.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019

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Championed by John Rockliff

  • The people of Mozambique should not have to pay these odious loans. We are appalled that the UK has done nothing to hold the London banks to account. But we are thankful for all the UK and Mozambican citizens who have campaigned to expose the role of the banks and help the Mozambicans to get justice

    — Denise Namburete, Coordinator, Mozambique Debt Monitoring Group, Mozambique

  • It keeps getting worse. They are always making us pay for new things at school which are meant to be provided by the government.

    — Davi Xolanyo Bridget Gbafa, Great Accra Region, Ghana

  • As climate change gets worse, we urgently need a new system for fast and effective debt relief when disasters hit. We call on the larger Commonwealth countries, including the UK, to play a leading role in the creation of such a system.

    — Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of Grenada

  • Let's go and audit the debt. How much has been borrowed, what was it for? Let's have a conference with the creditors to see what can be done to reduce interest rates on the debt so we can repay without putting too much strain on us.

    — Richard Ananga, Peki, Volta Region, Ghana


People across the global South face a new threat to their lives and livelihoods because of rapidly rising public debt levels. Reckless lending, climate disasters, tax dodging and unfair trade deals mean that countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean face a new spiral of debt and impoverishment. 32 countries are now in or at high risk of debt default, facing such big debt repayments that they are having to cut essential public services like healthcare, water and sanitation.


We will deploy our extensive expertise in policy, advocacy and campaigning on debt, and mobilise our networks of global allies and UK supporters to support campaigners in countries in debt crisis to win just, rapid and long-lasting solutions to those crises. We will also work with global partners to push for new rules on lending transparency and an end to the bailing out of reckless lenders, so as to help end the boom bust cycle of global debt crises.