Afghan Connection

Community-Based Education for Afghan Children

Afghan Connection (AC) is supporting community-based education (CBE) for marginalized children in Takhar Province, Afghanistan. CBE classes are set up for children who live too far from the nearest Government schools and who, without this support, would have little opportunity to access education.

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Championed by Mike Brown

  • "It is the passion and the determination and the courage that sets Afghan Connection apart. Here is no wishful thinking, but direct action to bring girls into education in Afghanistan. Let us give them the chance, the life opportunities that they so earnestly need".

    — Michael Morpurgo

  • "I am in the first class and am very happy to have the opportunity to go to school now since our village is far from the government school. Previously, I and many other girls were not able to walk to that school, and we were out of school".

    — Anisa, 10 year old girl who attends a grade 1 CBE class


In remote areas such as Takhar Province, the lack of educational infrastructure and long distances to the nearest Government schools means that for many children there are few opportunities to access education. This is particularly an issue for girls, as parents are reluctant to allow them to walk alone to the nearest government school. Despite this, in an area where almost every adult woman and many men are illiterate, these parents are determined their children will be educated.


CBE is a simple, effective and cost-efficient way to deliver education to children in rural areas who cannot reach the nearest government school. A community-based school will start with a grade 1 class and each year, new classes will be added until eventually the school runs from grade 1-6. The community provides the space for the classes, while AC provide teachers, books and training. With this support, more children, especially girls, in remote areas can access and complete a basic education.