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The Forward Trust: Helping to reconnect families

Rebuilding the lives of people recovering from addiction and their families. We work with individuals in the community and in prisons along with their families, providing counselling, group therapy and advice to repair and maintain healthy relationships – supporting happy, fulfilling lives away from addiction and crime.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019

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Reoffending costs the taxpayer £15billion per year – the equivalent of the salary costs of 390,000 NHS nurses over the same time frame. Positive social connections can play a pivotal role in reducing reoffending - 40% of prisoners state that support from their family would help them to stop reoffending and 36% say that seeing their children would motivate them to stay away from crime. However, only 1 in 3 offenders are supported by prison staff to rebuild and maintain ties with their families.


Our Connections Service supports offenders with substance misuse issues (whose family dynamics are made more complex by their addiction and associated behaviours – such as anger, manipulation and abuse of trust) to build, improve and maintain relationships with family members and other loved ones. We also bring together family members to help them understand the nature of addiction and crime, and how they can support their loved ones to break the destructive cycle of addiction and crime.

  • “The Family Support Service made me think a lot about how my behaviour has an impact, not just on myself, but also on my family. It showed me that family ties are very important to maintain recovery and stay away from crime.”

    — Jamie

  • “My wife and 4 young children haven’t been able to visit regularly due to the financial and practical implications, which has been very tough for all of us. So when the Forward Trust Family Worker arranged for our first family visit in the café, away from the prison, it was magical!".

    — Jason

  • “The Forward Family Service has really helped me build bridges with my Mum and siblings and opened my eyes to a world of positivity. I’m so looking forward to a life in recovery and for this I am eternally grateful.”

    — Gloria