Butterfly Conservation

Wonderful Wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales

Across the UK butterflies and moths are in trouble. But we can protect our wildlife by understanding the threats it faces and taking action to save it. The project will inspire people in the Yorkshire Dales to get involved in citizen science and conservation to benefit butterflies and the community.

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  • As a conservation volunteer in the Yorkshire Dales I have seen, first-hand, what a difference conservation work can make to threatened species. This project will allow us to transform the landscape, provide more habitat and secure the future for butterflies in the National Park.

    — Tony Moverley


In order to protect vulnerable species, we must understand the challenges they are facing. Two threatened butterflies, the Northern Brown Argus and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, are found in the Yorkshire Dales, but there are gaps in our knowledge about their numbers and distribution, and we urgently need to gather data to prioritise our future conservation plans for these species, both in the Yorkshire Dales and elsewhere in the UK.


Volunteer ‘citizen scientists' will be recruited and trained to gather valuable information on a scale that is not currently possible, from surveying numbers of butterflies and moths to identifying new and potential sites to create a safer future for threatened species. This project will focus on engaging local communities, including landowners, and inspiring and empowering them to undertake positive conservation action, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project and a lasting legacy.