Irise International

Help Ugandan girls realise their full potential.

Through enabling Ugandan girls to stay in school during their periods we will help them realise their full potential and create learning that others can use to help create a world where no girl is held back by their period.

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  • We feel good, we feel so free during our period, we can do anything on our period – we can play we can do anything we want.

    — P6 Girls

  • Before Irise came, I would fear so much in myself when I was in my period but now I am very free. When I started menstruating I feared telling anyone, I didn’t know was it was, my mother had never told me, no one had ever told me that it was something normal for a woman to experience.

    — Grace, Community champion

  • Now I know that menstruation is good, it’s healthy. I know that during menstruation I can still do anything I want, I can pray, I can play football, netball, whatever things you want!

    — Jane, School Girl


In Uganda, girls are being held back by their periods. 78% of girls lack basic information about their own body and what a period is and over half are missing out on vital schooling during their period. 30% of girls are using potentially harmful improvised materials to manage their periods, experiencing discomfort and risking infection. Lack of comfort, choice and control during menstruation is preventing girls from realising their full potential.


We will work in partnership with caregivers, communities, and policymakers to enable girls to access a choice of affordable menstrual products and information about their own bodies alongside creating a menstruation friendly school environment for girls and tackling menstrual stigma and shame. Through enabling young people and their communities to lead and rooting everything we do in robust evidence we will create a world where no girl held back by her period.