Christian International Peace Service (CHIPS)

Voices for Change: Tackling Youth Violence

CHIPS believes that ending serious youth violence begins with understanding the experiences and concerns of the local community. Using community organising with young people and their families, we empower them to build lasting peace by tackling the underlying causes of the violence


Registered Charity in England and Wales (1174527)

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Championed by The Childhood Trust


Our work is focused on Brixton, London which experiences high levels of serious youth violence. The violence is fueled by widespread deprivation; high poverty and unemployment, high school exclusion rates, poor housing, and minimal social provision due to local authority funding cuts. Young people feel powerless, trapped and frustrated, and resort to violence. The violence isolates groups, damages community relationships, building greater divides and perpetuating a cycle of violence.


CHIPS aims to break the cycle of violence. We work with young people and the community on the 3 most deprived estates in the area, particularly young people involved in or at risk of violence. Our approach brings different factions together over the issues that are common to them and helps them identify potential solutions, empowering them to work together to implement them. As factional divides are broken down and the frustration of social issues tackled, youth violence will decrease.