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The Whale Shark Project

Project AWARE is encouraging water users all around the world to submit images of their Whale Shark sightings in order to better understand their behaviour, population and biology. Working with research groups, divers, scientists and holiday makers we are attempting to improve the protection and understanding of the world's largest fish.

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The Whale Shark Project aims to conserve one of the world's most impressive marine creatures and incorporates the Whale Shark Awareness Distinctive Speciality giving divers and snorkelers essential knowledge and skills to dive or snorkel responsibly with whale sharks and the Whale Shark Photo Identification Databse allowing divers to contribute their images and data online. The photo identification database supports photo comparisons by scientists and researchers to help understand life histories and movements of this vulnerable and highly migratory species. By contributing to the project, divers, sailors, researchers and anyone else who spots a Whale Shark will enable us, and other shark researchers, to gain further insight into the biology and population of the world's largest fish.