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Donor Bus Core Funding

To find a secure lock-up for our two donor buses, one in the North of England and the second in the Bristol area, as well as provide drivers and facilities on board for the on-line registration of donors.

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We have in our possession a London Routemaster Double Decker Bus as well as a single deck bus with which we travel the country asking people to sign on the NHS Organ Donor Register as well as educating people on the merits of Organ and Tissue donation. We also offer a point of contact so they can meet with not only people in similar circumstances but also professional people who can assist them with their problems whether they are donors , recipients or friends and family. If we are not in a possition to help we will put them in touch with the people who can. We are now at the stage where we are expanding and require the buses to be refurbished and a secure area in which to park the vehicles for the winter months and where the buses can be professionally maintained. Because of the increased demand for our services we are looking to provide full/part time helpers as well as all the volunteers needed to fulfill our projects.