Action On Disability And Development

My Right to a Future

ADD International supports organisations of disability activists to tackle discrimination so every disabled child gets the education and future they deserve. This appeal will primarily fund work in Sudan, based on learning from similar work in Tanzania and both will feature in appeal materials.

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Championed by John Rockliff

  • “School environments are often inaccessible, teachers are not trained in how to meet the learning needs of disabled children and they lack inclusive teaching materials and devices, so parents feel there is no point taking their disabled kids to school.”

    — Mohammed, Disability Activist

  • “Inclusive education stops disabled children isolating themselves and feeling different to others. They learn through their peers, build skills and confidence, and also see themselves as humans like the other children.”

    — Grace, Teacher

  • “There are some people who are still hiding their disabled children away, they are closing their houses, they don’t want to let them out, simply, they think disability is a curse.”

    — Elias, Disability Activist

  • “When he would see his sister going to school, he would tell me, “Mum, I also want to go and learn to read.” To know that there is an education he can have and the chance of a future, motivates me to take him to school.”

    — Omari’s mum


Denying disabled children an education causes lifelong harm. Without an education, they are deprived of the chance to learn, thrive, explore their passions or build futures filled with opportunity. Exclusion reinforces separation between disabled and non-disabled children and fuels the fear and misunderstanding of difference. Exclusion strengthens stigma that sees disabled children as a burden and leads them to a future of poverty, dependency and isolation. We seek to address all these barriers.


Shifting entrenched stigma is relentless work. In Tanzania and Sudan, we support disability activists to contact parents of disabled children to persuade them of the value of education and influence power holders to implement inclusive education policies. We work alongside them to make schools accessible, provide suitable learning materials and train teachers to address the needs of their disabled pupils.