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Aspirations Programme - Caritas Anchor House

We provide a home and tailored support to hundreds of people experiencing homelessness each year. By offering opportunities to improve health and wellbeing, and access to training and employment support, residents can rebuild their lives and move on to a positive and fulfilling future.

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  • "I was a car crash waiting to happen, but Caritas Anchor House has opened my eyes and given me a chance to get my life back on track."

    — Tariq - Resident

  • "Caritas Anchor House provides sanctuary for people who have often literally, nothing but the clothes they stand up in. When the structure of your life has collapsed, it takes real effort to rebuild it. Caritas Anchor House has a clever and well-organised programme which makes it a bit easier."

    — Jeremy Paxman - Patron of Caritas Anchor House

  • "I really can't thank Caritas Anchor House enough for the services they have provided for me. I will be forever grateful for their help. I finally see a direction for my life and it's positive. Now I have my own self-belief I know through determination and drive I can achieve a lot."

    — Ibrahim - Resident

  • "Caritas Anchor House is not just a safe place to sleep, but a place of warmth and support, where homeless people have the chance to rebuild their lives and, crucially, to regain a sense of what 'home' really means."

    — Julie Etchingham - Patron of Caritas Anchor House


We are seeking to respond to the problem of homelessness in Newham along with a visible rough sleeping problem. We have the highest percentage of homeless people per capita in England. We want to address health and wellbeing, low self esteem and unemployment amongst people who are experiencing homelessness - 40% of adults in Newham lack Level 3 qualifications. We work with mental health; substance misuse; criminal justice and domestic abuse. We seek to impact on many individual lives.


We want to continue to deliver and enhance our Aspirations Programme for people who are experiencing homelessness by promoting access to educational, vocational and health and wellbeing opportunities. We opened a rough sleeper assessment hub in December 2018. In the year ending March 31st 2019 we accommodated 218 people, supported 48 individuals into accommodation and worked with 43 residents to secure employment. We recorded significant improvements in mental and physical health.