Transforming care for recurrent miscarriage

Miscarriage services vary greatly in quality and accessibility. Tommy’s will develop a miscarriage care package to ensure consistently high-quality care for women across the UK. We will empower women to advocate for and access care by creating a patient’s charter to improve support and outcomes.

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1 in 4 women lose a baby through miscarriage, causing devastation for the entire family. 1 in 100 experience ‘recurrent’ miscarriage – 3 baby losses or more. There is a large variation in the care that women suffering from multiple miscarriages receive, as well as a lack of accessible information for women themselves. Some receive treatment after 2 miscarriages, while others must endure the pain of a further loss before being seen. In parts of the UK, there are no miscarriage services at all.


We will develop a miscarriage care package, championing best-practice care for women across the UK. Our National Centre for Miscarriage Research will create guidelines defining ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ care based on latest research evidence. We will test these by implementing them in hospitals, monitoring and evaluating their effectiveness. We will develop a patient’s charter to empower women to seek expert care, ultimately reducing the number of women suffering from the heartbreak of miscarriage.

  • [I had] no idea how I could access the help we needed. I found the Tommy’s research centre online and asked for a referral. The [centre] was so supportive during my 4th pregnancy, with reassurance, scans and someone to speak to. We are so grateful to Tommy's now we have our perfect baby Noah.

    — Jess experienced three miscarriages before giving birth to baby Noah at our Miscarriage Centre

  • We’re in Newcastle and information about Tommy’s isn’t available via any local services. It was a friend who gave me details and I fought with my GP to be referred. The service was phenomenal, I had the full range of tests. I could only dream we would have our family but Tommy’s made that a reality.

    — Ellie suffered 12 miscarriages but gave birth to her two sons at our Miscarriage Centre