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The Disabled Veterans' Scholarships Fund

The Open University's Disabled Veterans’ Scholarships Fund - the first of its kind in the UK - will ensure that, if disability means veterans can no longer serve, they are empowered to rewrite their own futures through education.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019


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  • Operations and illness over the years can make you hit rock bottom and it's hard to think about the future. I now have a hard focus, I've got assignments so I do have to think ahead. It gives you that focus back in life.

    — Current Disabled Veterans' recipient

  • My ambition is to embrace the knowledge that I gained from the military. I gained a lot of knowledge it just wasn't ever put into paper work.

    — Current Disabled Veterans' recipient

  • Opportunities like this, which is giving access to education that we just wouldn't get otherwise, is an absolute godsend.

    — Current Disabled Veterans' recipient

  • This is a new chance for me, this is a new beginning.

    — Current Disabled Veterans' recipient


1 in 5 veterans find it difficult to find a fulfilling and sustainable role that maximises their potential. Disability amongst veterans is unsurprisingly higher than the general population; an estimated 24% of veterans will suffer an illness or disability that limits their physical activity, compared to just 13% of the general population. Unlike colleagues who can plan for retirement, their unexpected discharge from service life leaves them unprepared for a new life outside of the military.


Veterans are less likely to have a degree, with only 20% having one compared to 30% of the general population. The Fund will provide veterans with the opportunity to study for free, with specialist support for disabilities, allowing them to develop their skills, knowledge and experience. The first 105 students started studying with the OU in 2018/19, with your help we can give another 50 the same opportunity in 2020 and onwards. Thanks to the Big Give champion and supporter, Lara Cournoyer, we are able to double donations and help even more disabled veterans.