Project Harar

Rebuilding Faces, Changing Lives in Ethiopia

The project 'Rebuilding Faces, Changing Lives' will provide life-changing surgery and comprehensive rehabilitation for 50 individuals with severe facial disfigurements in Ethiopia. The project will also collaborate with local surgeons and medical professionals at Yekatit-12 government hospital.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019


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  • After all, as nurses we often touch the lives of others, but it is truly special when the lives of others touch your heart. It is an imprint left for a lifetime.

    — Abbie Cooper, Nurse

  • I've been volunteering for [Project Harar for] 6 years and it has been the highlight of my nursing career and my life. It will enlighten and enhance the passion you have for nursing and make you realise the different ways of nursing. It has taught me so much about life in general.

    — Raj Mashiana, Nurse

  • Before my operation I was mocked and bullied...I only went to school occasionally. Now nobody bullies me, I have friends, and I go to school regularly.

    — Fami, Patient in 2018

  • I feel like my life has started again...I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up – only God can know something like that. But I feel very hopeful about my future now.

    — Ayantu, Patient in 2016


Individuals with facial disfigurements suffer from malnutrition, have difficulty eating and speaking and face social isolation. They are bullied and most do not go to school or make friends. In addition, our beneficiaries are located in extremely isolated areas of Ethiopia with little or no access to healthcare, surgery or support. Without Project Harar their lives would be bleak and they would live in isolation with compromised physical and mental wellbeing. Many would die prematurely.


We identify and mobilise patients from some of the most remote regions providing them with surgery and comprehensive pre- and post- operative care including nutritional support, oral health/hygiene education and social worker support. We help build the capacity of local surgeons so that complex facial surgery can continue without our intervention and reach many more individuals in the long-term.