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Building food and water security in Kenya

We are raising funds so that 4 communities living in rural southeast Kenya, in an area prone to extreme food and water shortages and widespread poverty, can each build their own sand dam and benefit from farming support, ensuring that they have enough food and water for generations to come.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019

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  • I have vivid memories of when I was a child because we were the ones who used to collect the water and it was a hard job. The water used to be muddy and contaminated, and it would take such a long time to collect. But now, it is incomparable; the water is so near and it’s so easy to reach.

    — Bernard Nzomo Muendo, Kyala Development community member

  • We have seen a great difference in the range of crops that we are able to grow. We have even been able to introduce new ones, like avocados, which just wasn’t possible before because the land was too dry. And with the income from our farms we can now pay our children’s school fees.

    — Sivika Kitui, Kyamuisi community member

  • Before the sand dam the water was giving people diarrhoea, typhoid and other illnesses. Our children missed school due to ill health. But now water illnesses are very rare, because we have clean water and have received Water, Sanitation and Hygiene training. We are safe and we are proud.

    — Regina Kasyoka Kea, former Vice Chair and Kyandani community member


The drylands of southeast Kenya are suffering from severe water shortages, with increasingly erratic rainfalls in line with climate change. Around two thirds of the population live below the poverty line and lack access to clean water. Women and children can walk up to 6-12 hours each day to collect water, often from a river where the water is dirty and unsafe to drink. Water shortages make it difficult for these rural communities to grow enough food to eat and sell, trapping them in poverty.


A sand dam can store up to 40 million litres of water (which meets WHO standards for drinking), trapping water at the point it falls. We will enable 4 communities to each build their own sand dam, providing them with access to clean water close to their homes, for life. We will also train them in farming techniques so they can best utilise the new water source, enabling them to produce enough food to be able to sell the surplus to generate an income, and escape the cycle of poverty for good.