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Working in areas where other sources of support are scarce, FYF's unique approach is bringing vital hope and self-sufficiency to 36,000 families living in rural India and Malawi. In the coming year, we aim to reach a further 14,000 families currently living in poverty so that they too have the opportunity to improve their harvests, set up small businesses and access clean water, healthcare and education.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 7 December 2009 to 11:59 PM, 11 December 2009

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FYF works with the poorest, most marginalised people living in rural India and Malawi who struggle to meet their most basic needs of nutritious food, safe shelter and clean water. The people we work with depend on agriculture to feed their families and earn a living. However, a lack of access to quality land, seeds and tools mean they struggle to feed their families for more than six months a year. With few alternative employment opportunities, most of the families struggle to survive on just 40p a day. Inadequate public services and limited incomes mean parents are forced to see their children go without education, elderly relatives fall ill from drinking unsafe water, and the sick are unable to receive treatment. Established in 1960, FYF has a track record of developing successful poverty-relief programmes that encourage self-sufficiency and independence. However, people living in neighbouring villages, where FYF does not work, continue to live in desperate poverty and struggle to provide the most basic necessities for their family. We urgently need to reach these people so they do not become victims of poverty. In the coming year we aim to provide training, resources and support to a further 14,000 families to enable them to build the skills and confidence to transform their lives and their community. We aim to: - Train 10,600 farmers in environmentally-friendly farming practices so families can have food all year round. - Provide training and access to low interest loans to enable 4,350 people to set up profitable small businesses so they can afford to meet their families’ needs. - Enable 7,200 vulnerable people to benefit from access to vital services such as clean water, healthcare and education. - Develop organisations that give 14,000 marginalised people a voice in their community and the opportunity to build the skills and confidence to transform their lives and their community. "Through working with FYF, my family has nutritious food. And we've helped ensure ill people receive treatment, children receive a good meal at school and hand pumps for water have been installed." Bhagobai, Chhattisgarh, India. By supporting FYF's Growing A Better Future Appeal, you can help thousands of people like Bhagobai transform their lives and their community. The total cost of our Growing A Better Future Programme in 2010 is £915,750. We have already raised £620,000. We urgently need to raise £295,750 so that 14,000 families currently living in poverty have the opportunity to build a better future. Please help us reach this important goal by contributing any money you can. Thank you!