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Children aged between 6-21 with severe mental and physical disabilities desperately need your help, to provide them with a new school and day care centre. Many of these children have been turned away from other care facilities, due to the severity of their special needs, but Ohel Sarah is committed to both them and their families. The current premises however, is completely unsuitable for these special needs children; just climbing a flight of stairs is a task so mentally and physically exhausting that it can traumatise these students. After a lengthy battle, the local council have allocated us a new site for the special needs centre to operate out of, but as it stands now is a dilapidated building, which requires a total renovation project. So far we have received a generous grant from an anonymous trust, which goes some way towards the refurbishment of the new special needs day centre, but this is dependent on Ohel Sarah securing £150,000 matched funding for the donation.

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It ran from 4:00 PM, 31 May 2009 to 9:00 AM, 17 June 2010

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Merkaz Shlomo caters for a maximum of 20 children (boys and girls). There are a total of 3 classes, divided according to ability rather than age. Each class has its own teacher with support staff of two carers and therapists. A psychologist and psychiatrist are on site for consultation. The daily curriculum includes a diverse range of programs and activites designed to meet the needs of each individual child. Our overall aim is to help them master basic living skills, and to follow simple instructions, as well as improving their communication skills and helping them develop awareness of the environment around them. The therapies and programs on offer include art therapy, hydrotherapy, education, I.T., and sport and leisure opportunities such as horse riding and horticulture. The Ministry of Education will only renew the permit of Merkaz Shlomo once the new location has met health and safety standards. Unfortunately neither the Ministry or the local municipality is obligated to cover this cost and the full responsibility falls on Ohel Sarah. With your support, the first step forward for Merkaz Shlomo is to complete the renovation, providing better facilities for our children, and accommodating 20 children currently on our waiting list.