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Reeds, Rushes and Redshanks – Prestwick Carr

The work will benefit a wide range of species, including lapwing, owls, otter, great crested newts and dragonflies, act as flood storage areas for nearby urban areas and increase opportunities for public enjoyment of local wildlife in a natural setting.

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It ran from 9:30 AM, 23 February 2009 to 9:00 AM, 18 May 2009

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The site is located on the edge of Newcastle and near to Newcastle International Airport, where there is increased flooding on a regular basis, some of which is due to urban pressures but also down to inappropriate land management practices including land drainage. Being in close proximity to an airport would ordinarily complicate wetland management. However, as the airport is increasingly being flooded, there is a real need for habitat restoration and re-creation work to help return water and alleviate the flooding situation. In addition the area offers opportunities for the strategic re-introduction of water vole into “safe area” and enhanced public use of the green infrastructure around town. There is a history of inadequate management of drainage systems in this area which have compromised the conservation values of the area as well as exacerbating flood risk. Habitats that will be targeted include wet woodland and lowland raised mire, wet meadows, some pond and ditches work, scrub and woodland. Species that would benefit include barn owl, short-eared owl, lapwing, water vole, otter and brown hare.