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Ethiopian Food Crisis

As the global food crisis hits the poorest worst, millions of people in Africa are facing starvation and food shortages. 23 million people are affected by the crisis that is currently affecting East and Horn of Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Somalia). Over six million people in Ethiopia alone are suffering the effects of drought, while in Kenya over 5 million are affected. Christian Aid partners are on the ground providing help to those most in need. We need your support to do more.

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Many of those affected are from traditional pastoralist communities, who face serious drought and threat to their traditional livelihoods. There is limited pasture and water leading to deaths of thousands of livestock, outbreaks of disease and significant migration of livestock between northern Kenya and Ethiopia. There are severe water and food shortages due to failure of the long rains and frequent droughts caused by climate change. Women are walking over 100kms to reach water. The cost of food has increased significantly (by over 50%), especially the main food sources of maize and beans. Christian Aid is working with local partners to support a number of priority activities: - Immediate food aid and non-food items targeting vulnerable households - Fuel subsidies for boreholes to ensure increased water supply. - Distributing seeds and fertilizers to ensure subsequent harvests are not affected by current food shortages. - Disaster mitigation work on pasture management, diversification of livelihoods and community water structures for longer term solutions - Ongoing support across Africa, to partners working with communities to improve their agricultural productivity will be increasingly important as the changing climate brings new challenges for domestic production. Your support for this forgotten crisis is vital.