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India: Wildlife corridors for elephants and tigers

Working with the Wildlife Trust of India, we are creating corridors between protected areas, to allow elephants, tigers and other wildlife to move freely. Our current, urgent and immediate target is £200,000 before August, as a donor has agreed to match all funds raised.

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The World Land Trust (WLT) is working with the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) to safe-guard traditional migration routes for Indian elephants. The aim is to create protected corridors to enable elephants to move safely between existing protected areas. Together with WTI we have already successfully created a wildlife corridor in the Garo Hills of Meghalaya in NE India, and the protection of a vital corridor in Kerala, in the south, is almost complete. Elephants wasted no time in reclaiming these lands as their own, and are now seen regularly using both corridors. Of course, these corridors provide a safe habitat for many other species of endangered wildlife, including tiger. WLT and WTI are creating new wildlife corridors in India and we have a donor who will match all donations, up to a total of £100,000. This means that we can be even more effective in saving wildlife, so please support this appeal and help threatened species such as Asian elephants and tigers. The Wildlife Trust of India (WLT’s partners in India) have already shown that corridors really work. We aim to raise £200,000 by 31st August this year to ensure that the next corridors can be created. Please donate now!