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A two year project-we propose to make a documentary film with survivors of domestic abuse, both male and female based on their experiences, using actors to protect identities. This film will then be shown to 20-30 young people from schools within East Sussex. From that film young people will then devise, scriptwrite and act in several drama pieces highlighting the issues of domestic violence and that all children have a right to be safe. The hard hitting drama with exhibition and booklet on Domestic Violence be shown throughout schools in the County.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 7 December 2009 to 11:59 PM, 11 December 2009

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Our “Hitting Home” project is designed to promote awareness to young people aged 12-16, through the creative media of film and drama, that everybody has the right to feel safe. We are aware that young people in situations where domestic abuse is occurring may not even consciously recognise that they do not feel safe, just that life is not how they would wish it to be. Cycles of behaviour often continue because the behaviour is not recognised as being problematic; some young people will not know that love is not abusive. We intend to start to change that. We aim to let them know that they have a right to feel safe, what actions they could take to feel safer, and what support is available to them. We aim to help them to find their voice, to be able to say how they feel, and to feel empowered to seek help if they choose to. We will also let them know that they are not alone in both senses; they do not need to deal with the situation alone, and many other people are in similar situations. Women’s Aid will be one of our partners in this. By joining their Expect Respect campaign we can promote awareness that everyone should expect to give and receive respect in their romantic lives, as well as home lives and wider lives, thus further helping to break patterns of abuse.