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UJIA are funding the development of the physical and programmatic infrastructure of Tel Hai Academic College through the construction of a new educational campus, improved educational services for the high number of learning disabled students attending the College. We are supporting the provision of scholarships for students in need of financial assistance and employment initiatives for graduates to help them secure employment in the region after completion of their courses. Our long term investment aim is to attract and retain a high quality population to this geographically vulnerable and underinvested region to enable them to improve the economic resilience of Northern Israel.

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UJIA supports Tel Hai Academic College, the largest public employer in the Northern Galilee. It boasts a highly diverse student body, drawing from the Jewish, Druze, Muslim, Christian communities throughout the Galil. The Israeli Ministry has identified the development of Tel Hai Academic College, as a necessary catalyst for the transformation of the Galil as the College’s reputation for academic excellence, scientific research and business incubation impacts on the quality of life and economic viability of the whole region. Northern Israel has long been characterised by under investment and significant numbers of residents migrating away from the region towards Israel's more central cities. By providing employment opportunities, high calibre education that is accessible to a wider selection of the population, it is anticipated that the region will attract and retain a high quality population who will directly impact on the economic resilience of the area. The New Campus, with its thriving academic environment, research, business partnerships and innovation activities, will be instrumental in ensuring the vitality and resilience of this strategic region. 18% of Tel Hai’s graduating students enter the college as learning disabled students. The Centre for Learning Disabled Students (CLD) at Tel Hai Academic College is a pioneer and leader in addressing the special needs of individuals with learning disabilities in higher education. The Centre provides students with learning disabilities a second chance, by employing diagnostic and psychological methods of screening to detect learning disorders, and mentors these students to help them to successfully complete and excel in an academic programme. Working with, and leveraging funding from key strategic partners including the Israeli Government, Corporate business and other philanthropists UJIA has committed to support the development of Tel Hai Academic College. A brief financial breakdown follows; further detail is available on request: Capital Campus Development £2.5million Centre for Learning Disabled (CLD) £330,000 Scholarships: Student study stipend/ work placement £60,000 Masters Biotechnology £90,000 TOTAL £2,980,000