Tzedek will identify and fund sustainable local partner organisations in Northern Ghana, as well as sending Tzedek volunteers to work with local projects, so together these groups can be empowered to work towards ending poverty in Northern Ghana.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 7 December 2009 to 11:59 PM, 11 December 2009

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The Northern region in Ghana is one of the least developed in Sub-Saharan Africa. 70% of the population live in rural poverty, struggling to keep themselves and their families afloat day to day. Common problems include a lack of access to education, health services and in many cases simply nourishing food. Despite this, the majority are hard working and highly motivated to help themselves if given the opportunity. Tzedek will focus on one area of Northern Ghana using a development cluster approach. Providing seed funding to carefully selected local partners is often all they need to make significant positive changes in their local community. These local partners will then learn from each other, strengthening their work. In doing this, Tzedek will enhance linkages between the UK donor community and local partner organizations. This will partly be achieved through sending volunteers to learn about the issues being faced by local people, helping where they can, and bringing those stories back, and partly through school twinning of UK and Ghanaian schools. Tzedek already have three excellent partners in the Northern Ghana. Yovi works on advocacy for children’s rights through youth development activities and micro-finance in Tamale, Northern Ghana. Yovi received its first international funding from Tzedek this year for a project that enables groups of women to process shea nuts into shea butter, giving their families a lasting income. This ensures that children can regularly attend school and have a chance at helping themselves out of the poverty trap. With the funds raised, Tzedek will seed more grass roots development partners in Northern Ghana like Yovi and invest in their best practice sharing. This will not only change lives but also importantly allow our partners to learn from others in their field. For this model of best practice sharing to be most successful, Tzedek needs an additional £40,000 for funding in the region of five grass roots development partners in Northern Ghana.