Prisoners of Conscience Appeal Fund


PoC has set up an Emergency Fund for Zimbabwe to help Zimbabwean prisoners of conscience both at home in Zimbabwe and in exile in South Africa.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 7 December 2009 to 11:59 PM, 11 December 2009

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When we launched this emergency appeal over two years ago, Zimbabwe was a country in chaos - the average life span was 34 years, and inflation had reached an incredible 5,000%, with almost 7,000 cases of human rights abuse being reported, with a significant increase in the use of torture. 2009 has brought no respite for Zimbabweans. After flawed elections last year, where the Mugabe regime brutally crushed the opposition, the crisis in Zimbabwe has reached epic proportions. Starvation and cholera levels are rising dramatically. With the recent power-sharing deal failing to deliver the relief that Zimbabweans so desperately need and as the political process continues to stall and conditions worsen, the people of Zimbabwe need our help. PoC relief grants allow for access to basic sustaining items-- such as food, clothing, travel costs and medicines-- so that Zimbabweans can support themselves and their families. Our grants provide humanitarian aid to ease the effects of Mugabe's broken regime and enable Zimbabweans to safely stay in the vicinity of their homeland so that they are able, when the opportunity arises, to return and help rebuild their country. As the economic and political situation in Zimbabwe worsens, even more Zimbabweans at home and in exile will need our help. PoC aims to help as many prisoners of conscience as it can with the help of donors like you.