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We are aiming to provide every secondary school in the UK with a professionally produced DVD featuring interviews with 30 people who lived through the Second World War. These include people who were civilians, both children and adults, military and civil defence. A teacher's pack is also being written to accompany the DVD.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 7 December 2009 to 11:59 PM, 11 December 2009

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With the Second World War now part of both the National Curriculum's history and Religious Studies syllabusses , our unique archive of personal recordings and items are very relevant learning resources. We have first hand memories, stories and experiences of thousands of men, women and children who lived through this turbulent period in our history. These people are now in their late 70s and older and will not always be around to share their past with future generations. Having secured funding to produce a very moving and thought provoking DVD that gives viewers some understanding of what it was like to live through the War, we want to create a Teacher's Pack to accompany the DVD. This will enable teachers to draw out the important learning points and values and ensure that young people get the most from the experience. War is not something to glorify, but we can all learn from other people's experiences and, hopefully, avoid events like this happening again. The cost of 1,000 DVDs has already been covered, but the production of a further 4,000 DVDs and the design, cost and distribution of the Teacher's Pack will be approximately £20,000. This is made up of: DVD Production: £1,500 Design: £2,000 Printing: £11,000 Packaging: £500 Postage: £5,000 TOTAL: £20,000 (The writing has been done voluntarily at no cost to the charity by an educationalist)