Livewire Youth Project


Livewire has a fantastic live music venue which we would like to make eco friendly, energy effiencent and sustainable by putting photovoltaic arrays on the two flat roofs and replacing all the stage lighting which is energy hungry with low energy high end LED Lighting. This would then also be used to showcase rewnewable engergy and eco issues using music and the actal venue itself.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 7 December 2009 to 11:59 PM, 11 December 2009

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Young people at Livewire have hightlighted the need to make their venue less of a burden on the earth and to reduce its carbon footprint, this project will reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmospher by nearly 5 tons. Through music events in a venue driven by renewable energy young people will showcase and highlight local and global enviromental issues. The photovoltaic arrays will produce 11,502kWh/y and save approximately £1728p.a. It will give a loud, proud statement about the project being serious about reducing our carbon emissions and improving our environmental footprint. The project will save an estimated 4.95 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere every year. The venue is used on a regular basis 6 days a week (and occasional Sundays) By 100-200 young people and staff, who will all pass the display panel which will also give details of the project. Young people will be encouraged to take the knowledge learned home and advocate its use there. Parents/guardians are welcome to view the technology and many will observe the panels when dropping off/picking up children. For travellers using the Brunel bridges (the main road and rail arteries in the county) this will be the 1st photovoltaic array in the county that they will see! We have good links with local schools and intend to inform them of the installation and encourage them to visit, observe, and use for educational purposes. Hopefully it will encourage local schools to embark on their own sustainable energy projects. We intend to do press releases to local and national press and associated media. The project will be featured on our website and promotional material. Microgeneration Ltd will provide a training session to staff at and users of the centre to ensure everyone is fully aware of the environmental and financial benefits of having one of the largest community owned PV array in the South West/Cornwall. Cost for the Photovoltaic arrays £69,425.85 plus VAT LED Lighting for the stage: £10,000 inc VAT We have already raised £34,000 Leaving a balance of £45,000