The Blue Room

Blue Room gives adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to develop creative & social skills & increased independence of thought & action in a mainstream setting. It is based at the Bluecoat, Liverpool's creative hub, in the heart of the city and is targeted at residents of Liverpool.

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Blue Room was inspired by Valuing People, a paper that set out the need for a new approach to providing opportunities for children and adults with learning disabilities and their families to live full and independent lives as part of their local communities-more specifically it was a response to arts activity in Resource Centres not encouraging a sense of integration and independence. It is insular and does not involve regular contact with professionals and the public.


Based at the Bluecoat, arguably the country's oldest arts centre, Blue Room meet 3 times a week using the exhibitions as inspiration for creative projects. Many members travel independently, they mix with staff, visitors and artists (local and international) and are a valued part of the community. They are given the opportunity to explore new ideas, share common issues and express themselves in new ways through visual and performing arts.