BTCV Scotland

Jupiter Wildflower Nursery & Green Gym

We aim to provide organic peat-free native Scottish Wildflowers for sale to the domestic, local authority and business sectors, the Jupiter Wildflower Nursery also provides opportunities for disadvantaged or disabled people to work in a positive and productive environment.

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Jupiter Wildflower Nursery Urban Wildlife Centre is a unique resource in Central Scotland. The nursery has a skilled manager who carries a unique understanding of the propagation of native Scottish plants in an organic and peat free way. It is the intension of BTCV Scotland to operate Jupiter Wildflower Nursery as a Social Horticultural Enterprises. The Nursery will create a safe and purposeful environment for volunteers to learn new skills and develop, with a cle


There is a growing desire to help and support wildlife in Scotland one of the largest areas of development is wildlife gardening within the home & improving our native habitats through planting schemes. A great barrier to this work is the supply of native plants of Scottish origin to help people and companies take action we a striving to help this work through the supply of wildflowers. In an ever more demanding job market we aim to reach out to individuals to support them back to work. Throug