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Educate Children Project - India

We will run education projects for poor rural children in Northern India. This is important so as to allow these children the opportunity to gain a wider knowledge of the world around and the employment opportunities that will be open to these children in later life.

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The many thousands of villages have either not had the opportunity or the will to give their children a basic education and the a formal school infrastructure is not in place to educate these children in the many small villages spread over large distances. This has lead to a huge shift in the educational standards of city dwelling children and the children in the rural area, this will only grow larger and prevent rural children from gaining the new employment that is growing in India.


Children Fund International will operate small non-formal education classes within villages. This will be run with the backing of the villagers and the classrooms will be donated by or rented from the villagers. The children will be taught by not only basic education but good habits, music, art, the environment and will also have visits to places outside their village eg. local city, the zoo and library visits.