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Supporting paralegals in Northern Uganda

Land disputes can turn violent in northern Uganda. CR will support 25 local paralegals to give war-affected families legal support in securing rights to farm on land in their villages and mediate disputes that arise. This project aims to reduce the risk of a return to violent conflict.

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People displaced by the violent war between the Ugandan government and the Lord's Resistance Army have been returning to their home villages only to find that they have no rights to the land they once thought belonged to the community. The lack of understanding of new laws about land ownership and use have led to a rise in disputes that could be avoided with support and awareness raising at community level.


CR and our partner, the Justice and Peace Commission, will support 25 paralegals from the affected communities to raise awareness about land rights and mediate community-level disputes.They handle minor cases and often mediate in family and community disputes. They will then refer cases beyond their scope to larger legal bodies while offering the people involved support through the legal process. Some paralegals also perform a monitoring role and provide early warning to potential conflicts.