Operation Blessing

Haitian Fish Farms

Operation Blessing mission is to get the people of Haiti back doing what they do best - FISHING! So OB teamed up with Haitian charity, Caribbean Harvest, to provide families with the resources they need to farm fish, therefore providing a healthy diet and a healthy income - for just £750 per family

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The people of Haiti are eager to work themselves out of poverty; all they lack is the means to get started. The village men around Lake Azuei have traditionally been fishermen but dwindling fish stocks and an increase in depth have made it almost impossible to make a living. To make things worse the lake contains saline water, which has bleached the soil making farming nearly impossible too! The lack of income means limited access to healthcare, food and education.


OB has already provided 20 impoverished families the equipment (cage, young fish, fish food) and training they need to farm fish . One batch of fish generates enough on-going income to restock with new fingerling fish and provide a profit, giving families food to eat and an income to live. We plan to expend this very successful project to include many more families and villages near large lakes throughout Haiti.