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Befriending in Highlands

We have a wonderful opportunity to develop a telephone befriending service in the Highlands of Scotland. This will support people with Heart & Lung disease, which affect Scotland’s ageing population. Our programme will combat loneliness and isolation, bringing a positive boost to people’s lives.

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In Scotland, over 120,000 people are struggling with chronic lung disease and over 230,000 people with heart failure. Both of these conditions have a devastating impact on people’s quality of life. Health debility leads to loss of confidence, feelings of loneliness and social isolation, which impact negatively on mental health. This in turn leads to more contact with health and social services. In Highland, these issues are made worse by rural living with barriers such as poor transport links.


Research shows that befriending can directly counter these effects. CHSS currently runs a successful and highly-regarded befriending service for people living with Heart Failure in Inverness. We wish to extend our service to include people with chronic lung disease and adapt this into a telephone service. This will enable us to reach many more people who need us, bringing friendship and encouragement to their lives and combating health-related loneliness in remote communities.