RSI Action

Investigate the effectivity of RSI treatment in the UK and overseas specialist clinics.

Diffuse RSI conditions are now effecting large numbers of workers, 3.7 mill working days are lost each year due to upper limb disorders. Children and students are also effected. However effective NHS treatment is not available, and many workers get chronic disabling conditions and can no longer work. This project will bring the work of overseas specialist centres to the attention of UK authorities.

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The UK has no centre of excellence for treating diffuse RSI conditions, NHS treatment is difficult to find and is often ineffective. Anecdotal information from UK patients treated at the overseas specialist RSI clinics in the USA and Bangalore, indicate the overseas treatment protocols result in significantly improved outcomes. However there is no published research on these methods or their effectiveness. This project will investigate and report on the methods, treatments and outcomes at the overseas specialist centres. In particular the report will identify research that could be undertaken to bring these methods and outcomes to the attention of UK health authorities. This initial investigation and report project will include an investigative visit to both the USA and Bangalore clinics. The costs are largely travel and subsistance costs as the UK medical consultant and the charity representative's time are being donated to the project. The overall costs are expected to be £10,000.