Child feeding centres

Our objective is to improve the health and nutrition of the vulnerable children in the Concession Area and surrounding areas in order to avoid further deaths due to starvation, as well as providing informal education.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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Goals 1. Fix up existing feeding centres/crèches as a place where the children can be looked after. The proposed areas have buildings which were previously used as feeding centres and crèches - because of the Zimbabwean situation these buildings are now not being used and have become run down shells of buildings. We will work with the community to fix up these buildings, making them a safe and child friendly environment for the children to play in. We will be collecting donations for playground materials, paint and stationary. The community benefiting will be actively involved in the renovation and maintenance. We will employ 1 teacher and 1 childminder per centre and encourage the parents of the children to run a roster for cooking for the children and gardening. It is our hopes to encourage the community surrounding the crèche to help with maintaining the buildings and growing fresh vegetables for the crèche. We will require $100.00 per month in order to pay the teacher and child minders salaries at each feeding centre. 2. Provide one meal a day with the full daily nutritional needs of the child. We need to raise money in order to feed the children at the feeding centres Corn Soya Blend (C.S.B) is a nutritional porridge type meal that contains all the nutritional needs for a child to survive. When working on 75 children we would need 300kgs of CSB per month this would be approximately $180.00 per month. The delivery and accountability of the food will be controlled by the Zimbabwean Members of Vimba, who will deliver the food on a monthly basis. 3. Provide tanks to hold clean running water to maintain the hygiene of the children. A small water tank which could be used to hold clean water will cost $ 300 per tank. The water only runs periodically so it is very important to have a water storage facility in order to maintain hygiene and prevent illness. 4. Create sustainability by getting the community and parents involved in the project. We believe that creating sustainability is vital for the longevity of this project. We would like the community to feel that they are a part of setting up and maintaining these facilities. A roster will be generated where it will be the parents responsibility to help with cooking and gardening as well as ensuring that their children are benefiting from the food that we are supplying. We would like to put in a grievance procedure where the parents can complain if they feel that their children are not being looked after or fed well enough. It is important that the community is involved in deciding whether or not they want this facility to exist in their area and if they do we would require them to commit to assisting with setting up and maintaining the project, they can help paint and make the playground equipment etc.