Makama Vocational School, Makeni, Sierra Leone

We installed an IT suite into the Makama School in 2008. Now we want to extend this IT suite, and add carpentry tools, mechanics tools, agricultural tools, and much much more.

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Makama Vocational College is a very poorly resourced technical training college in Makeni, east of Freetown. Previously, they had just four old computers - powered by a very small generator, useing typewriters to teach keyboard skills before allowing students onto the PCs. They had no IT training resources at all - the only resource we saw last year was a diagram drawn on the blackboard. Over 250 students attend the technical college, studying courses such as sewing, blacksmithing, farming and carpentry. There is a high level of demand for computing skills - and they have the space to put machines into 3 separate classrooms. We have equipped them with 15 computers, with edubuntu, plus a super new generator to power the pc's and more ! We are now putting together a shipment of tools and other equipiment together, to support them in their other teaching areas. Sierra Leone had one of the most savage civil wars. The country is still recovering, and need our help to ensure the country and its children are not lost forever. Please help us transform children's lives, and give them hope for the future. £5,000 will pay for shipping and expenses in getting the tools and equipment we have already been promised, over to the school.