Cultivate London Ltd

Cultivate London Youth Training Programme

Cultivate London is an urban farm & youth training social enterprise based on derelict land in west London. We work with long-term unemployed youth to help them gain training and meaningful work experience in order that they may gain employment and the confidence to move forward in life.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 September 2015 to 12:00 PM, 1 August 2017

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1147015)







Our programme addresses the situation of NEET young people who are pessimistic about their future and lacking in the confidence and skills required to enter the job market. Many of our trainees have complex, often overlapping needs. These include: learning disabilities or difficulties, mental health issues, chaotic family backgrounds and peers/family members who are a negative influence, and to a lesser extent, risky behaviours. We work to help them overcome these and move forward in life.


Our new landscape gardening project allows us to provide a context in which to deliver on-the-job training specific to the landscape gardening industry - one that is booming in west London and also offers significant potential for self-employment. We believe this is important not only because of the employment potential for our young people but because there is a lack of practical training available. We will bridge this gap for our trainees, giving them the skills necessary to enter the market