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Britsh Seahorse Survey

We want to continue the successful work the trust has done with British seahorses into the future. Through our amazing team of volunteers we managed to get both British seahorses protected in law and we have set up the National Seahorse Database. We need to keep this vital project going.

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Seahorses are under threat worldwide and this is because of overfishing, habitat, loss and development in coastal areas. We aim to understand even more about seahorses to secure the long term future for them. By continuing our project here in the Uk and opening it into the wider European context we can understand more about the poor future seahorses face. Seahorses are vital to the natural world and are an important part of the eco-system we need to know more abut them.


Although we have extensive amounts of knowledge about British seahorses we need to know more so that we can advise the authorities on the best way to protect them and the environment they live in. By increasing the work of the British Seahorse Survey to include Europe we can gather more data to present to the authorities so that they c an put into place measures to protect seahorses, their environment and the future of the planet.