The Seahorse Trust

The Studland Seahorse Tagging Project

Seahorses are very hard to study in the wild; at Studland Bay in Dorset England we have a unique chance to study individual Seahorses through our tagging project. The work of this project is feeding into the various authorities to allow certain areas in the UK to be protected and in the seahorses.

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We are trying to study individual Seahorses in the wild to understand more about their seasonal movements, habitat preferences and the issues facing them. The ecology of wild seahorses is little understood and by tagging individuals we can learn more about the secretive lives. We need to know what they do throughout the year, where do they go how do they use their environment. Seahorses are under threat mainly from human interference by understanding about them we can understand the problems.


The data we are collecting (the project has been running for just under 2 years now with up to 3 to go) is being fed into the various authorities who decide on the actions happening in various areas. By contributing in this way not only can we influence the planning and management processes in these areas but we can also learn more about their ecology and feed this into the general knowledge of Seahorses worldwide, helping them not only in the Uk but others countries as well.