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After inclusion in the wildlife and Countryside Act due to work of the Seahorse Trust we are tagging indivdual Seahorses in a unique site in Dorset to learn more about them in the wild, leading us to secure there future in the wild. The project has been running for a year now and has been funded during its first year by a Your Heritage Lottery grant. The project has been highly successful and we have tagged wild Seahorses and learnt a great deal aboutt heir behaviour; a first for the British Isles.

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The first year of the project has been highly successful and we have managed to tag a number of Seahorses at the study site. As a direct result of the hard work of the volunteers (almost 200 in the first year) that have taken part we have learnt about the behaviour of these amazing little 'horses of the sea'. In the first season we have confirmed the pairing of Seahorses and the establishment of territories for these pairs. During the period of the study two of our males have got preganant and given birth three times on this extensive seagrass meadow. We have also discovered that the site is under threat from overuse of motor boats dropping their anchors directly into the seagarss and ripping it up as they remove their anchors. Through the results of our work we hope to put forward a management plan that will ensure that these amazing fish and all the other incredible species on ths site will survive. If things are left unchecked we will lose the Seahorses on this site before we have a chance to learn more about them. To check out more about our tagging project please visit The Seahorse trust website on Many thanks in advance for your time and we hope you will support our work which is vital not just to our knowledge of Seahorses but also because Seagrass is vital to other breeding species and protection of the coastline as it it acts as a buffer to the harsh wave system that hits this coastline.