Age Concern Mid Mersey

Don't be a stranger

Our project is aimed at reducing loneliness and social isolation promoting intergenerational friendships between younger and older people and encouraging community cohesion. Covering St Helens, Halton and Warrington our project will seek to draw together diverse groups promoting health and wellbeing

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It ran from 9:37 AM, 20 June 2018 to 9:37 AM, 20 June 2018

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Due to the increase in the aging population as a whole and the shrinkage of funding from local authorities there are vast numbers of older people living in isolation in our communities. Modern life has led to a breakdown in community interactions with 1 in 5 people not knowing who their neighbours are. Our project aims to build community cohesion by taking small steps to encourage people to reengage with their community.


Age UK Mid Mersey will run a 12 month campaign comprising of 6 months awareness raising advertisements in local press highlighting the dangers of loneliness and the detrimental effect it has on health and wellbeing. The following 6 months of the campaign will be a call to action asking people to pledge to make a difference to the life of an older person in their community. The campaign will act as a catalyst to prompt people to bring old fashioned community values into the 21st century.